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Country Products Limited was established in 2013. We are an importer, wholesaler and distributor with the aim of offering retailers and end customers a continually growing quality product range at highly competitive prices to ensure all the demands of the modern farmer are met.

Our products are some of the most competitively priced in the market and we offer a nationwide delivery service utilising both our own fleet and an established courier service to ensure all orders are dispatched on-time. We are your reliable partner in fulfilling all your agricultural-hardware needs.

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Milk Replacer | Country Calf Milk

The Country Calf Milk Replacer range is formulated and manufactured to optimise and accelerate calf growth. All products combine a well-balanced milk-protein and fat-level milk powder with probiotics, prebiotics with an optimal essential oil, vitamin and mineral package.

All our formulas are easy to mix, offering high digestibility to maximise feed intake, providing calves with the best start possible.


  • Ensures the perfect start for early growth rates.

  • Comprehensive vitamin and mineral package

  • With added prebiotics and probiotics.

  • Supports early rumen development.


  • Easy mix formulation.

  • Ideal for bucket mixing and computerised calf feeders.

  • Suitable for once or twice a day.

  • Dual purpose suitable for dairy and beef calves.

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Milking Gloves

Our milking gloves use a super strong nitrile compound that provides unrivalled grip, comfort and protection for your hand. Tackle any on-farm task with this specially designed super strong glove that won’t let you down.

Product | FEATURES:

  • Super strong.

  • Fully textured.

  • Extended cuff | 250mm.

  • Ambidextrous.

  • Powder & latex free.

Product | BENEFITS:

  • Detect mastitis.

  • Hoof trimming.

  • General farm tasks.

Other products include:
Veterinary shoulder length disposable gloves.

FARM HYGIENE | Dairy Wipes

The Country Products Dairy Wipe is an effective means of maintaining milk parlour hygiene and suitable for all farm related cleaning tasks. This premium multi-purpose dairy wipe is stronger and more absorbent than other generic paper towels commonly used on dairy farms.

Product | FEATURES:

  • Highly absorbent.

  • Multi-purpose use.

  • High wet strength.

  • Suitable for centre feed and floor stand dispensers.


  • 2-PLY | 56 GSM.

  • Length – 140m | width – 230mm | core – 60mm.

  • Sheets – 363.

  • Unit – 6 roll pack.

Other products include:
• Blue centre-feed paper roll.

CALF REARING | Calf Jackets

The Country Products Calf Jackets is a high quality, waterproof and breathable calf jacket providing maximum warmth and comfort. It is specially designed to enable the young calf to better conserve their energy in the early days of life, promoting improved growth rates, while reducing the risk of pneumonia and scours from sudden changes in weather.

Product | FEATURES:

  • Waterproof & breathable.

  • Machine washable.

  • Fully adjustable.

  • Hard wearing.

Product | BENEFITS:

  • Ideal for nursing sick calves.

  • Improved growth rates.

  • Reduced risk of pneumonia and scour from chills and draughts.

  • Feed, medications and bedding cost savings.

Other products include:

  • Calf oral drenchers.
  • Peach teats.
  • Hanging feeders.
  • Feeding trains.

CALF REARING | Calf Feeding Bottle

The Country Products Calf feeding bottle is a high quality three speed milk feeder that makes feeding quick and easy.

Product | FEATURES:

  • Three-way valve.

  • Ergonomically designed.

  • Convenient screw top.

  • 2.5 litre capacity.


  • Suitable for calves and foals.

  • Quick and easy to use.

  • Strong and durable.

  • Three speed for controllable feeding.

Other products include:
• Calf oral drenchers.
• Peach teats.
• Calf feeder hanging bucket.
• Calf feeder 6 nipple train.
• Marking stick.

MINERALS & SUPPLEMENTS | Himalayan Rock Salt

Salt supplementation is a vital part of any animal’s nutritional requirement for optimal growth rates, feed efficiency and immune system development. Himalayan rock salt is a 100% natural source of minerals containing 80 trace elements that include iron, potassium and magnesium.

100% Organic | 100% Natural | 100% Essential.

Product | FEATURES:

  • 100% natural.

  • High grade.

  • 80 trace elements.

  • Weather resistant.

  • Self-limiting.

Product | BENEFITS:

  • Suitable for all livestock, cattle, sheep and horses.

  • Increases saliva production, in turn increasing rumen pH and feed intake.

  • Solves common livestock issues such as cattle drinking urine and depraved appetite.

  • Contains 7 diet essential trace elements; Copper, cobalt, zinc, iodine, iron, manganese and selenium.

Other products include:
• Seaweed meal.

ANIMAL HYGIENE | Basic Livestock Hygiene Powder

Scientific formulated livestock hygiene powder which has been designed to improve animals surrounding environment by drying out and repressing noxious pathogens. Basic hygiene powder is safe and easy to use and can be sued regularly to prevent disease and promote a better housing environment for healthier animals.

Product | FEATURES:

  • Suitable for all livestock and housing systems.

  • Powder does not lump.

  • Good absorption with strong drying out effect.


  • Disease prevention livestock.

  • Represses hatching conditions for flies.

  • Represses the growth of microorganisms.

  • Reduces the smell of ammonia.

  • Proven effective against E-coli, Salmonella Thyphimorium, Streptococcus Suis Serovar 7 and other harmful bacteria.


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